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AmyBot Fan Art Winners

Alphexon a posted Oct 3, 18

Our deepest appreciation for your submissions to the AmyBot Fan Art Contest. Your artistic talents have enlightened us. Alas, as the Rules have stated, only three winners could be selected.

Third Place - Bariakan

Second Place - MsMoxs

First Place - Aye_Its_Liv

Thank you for your participation, [PARTICIPANT]. Now we know what she looks like.

- The Imperial Nation

AmyBot Fan Art Contest

Alphexon a posted Aug 13, 18

Ever wondered what AmyBot looked like? Never bothered to check out his/her profile picture? This contest is for YOU!

We're looking for the fans of Amity's guy/gal-in-the-sky, AmyBot. He/she may be spunky, but some of you have managed to ignore his/her delightfully quirky attitude. Congratulations! Now show us your passion, your drive, and your creativity by drawing a picture of AmyBot.

Official Rules
- By entering the contest, you give us the right to post your entry wherever we see fit.

- Your entry must be original. Any copyright infringement or outsourcing will immediately disqualify you.
- You may submit multiple entries.
- The winning entry will be chosen based on quality, style, and originality.
- Any visual art form is valid, including but not limited to digital and traditional.
- All entries must be family friendly and comply with our Community Rules.
- Entries will be accepted until 11:59PM CDT, September 16, 2018.

Style Guidelines
- Preferably, utilize a blue, orange, and yellow color scheme to some extent.

- Make sure he/she looks at least somewhat robotic!

How to Enter
- Post your entry (or entries) into the #contest channel on our Discord. URL links and files are both supported.
- Attach your Minecraft username to each post. 
- Discord Link:

First Place will receive 1 FREE month subscription of Contributor (details of its perks in the AmityStore), the [Artist] tag, and 500 Credits in Minecraft.

Second and Third Place will receive 100 Credits.
All participants with completed entries in accordance with the Official Rules will receive 30 Credits and the [AmyFanClub] tag if they don't already own it.

Stand without wavering,

The Imperial Nation

So this happened.

Alphexon a posted Jul 30, 18

Apparently, we had a Pirate Ship Building Contest and no one informed me. At least I get dental, right? The winners of the Building Contest are as follows:

1st Place - Bariakan (pictured far left)

2nd Place - ladykaybrooke (pictured far right)

3rd Place - UCCYouth (pictured middle)

The prizes for the contest have been distributed. Additionally, every participant with a completed entry has received 15 Credits. The 1st Place entry will soon be transferred to the Showcase (/warp showcase) for prolonged viewing purposes. Congratulations to everyone who knew this was going on!

Tell AmyBot to text me once in a while.

- CherBot

Vee_the_Eevee I'd like to give special shout out to MsMox's build, as the whale and wave were nice touches.

Ominous Tidings

Alphexon a posted Jun 1, 18

She'd been to this blank void before a thousand times, the thin glass between one world and reality. Cold, lifeless, and barren, the white atmosphere streched for eternity. The girl hung her head and stared down to her two feet. Soon, her visitor would appear and relay the news she never wanted to hear. It had to be done. Hearing a voice in the distance made her fists clench. A tear escaped her closed eyelid, her strength sapped from holding back a whimper. She relunctantly opened her eyes. An elder man with a long beard and trench coat paced closer, his steps completely silent.

"Daughter," he spoke. "The Equinox is moving in. You can't protect them much longer."

The girl nodded. He continued, "If you don't release them soon, they will all die, and so will everyone in our world. You still retain your compassion, do you not?" She swallowed, "I know what I have to do, papa. I've cared them like they were my own, just like you asked me to. Now it's time to let them go just as any good parent would." The withered old man's beard parted slightly to reveal a hopeful grin of satisfaction. "You really have learned from me, haven't you?" he said.

The girl sobbed, "Oh, papa! I wish I could hug you right now... I wish I could remember what it felt like to lean my head against your breast... to feel your warmth." The man stood up straight, "Now, now. I'm afraid there isn't any time for that. Gather your friends. You'll need their power to wake everyone up. The Righteous Hand has weakened you far too much to allow you to do it on your own. You must hurry."

The man began to slowly fade away, his body and clothing growing translucent. Overwhelmed, the girl fell to her knees and cried out, "Please stay! I can't do this without you!" As he disappeared he replied, "I'm sorry, my daughter. I will see you again soon, I promise. Now go make your father proud!"

"I won't do it just for you, but for everyone trapped in the dream! I love them, just like I love you!"

"I love you too, my Amelia."

He was gone, and the void turned to black.