Into the chambers...

By Alphexon a - Posted Oct 20, 16

Up on the hill, far from anything inviting, lies a manor full of spoopy secrets. The halls are abandoned, the rooms shrouded in dark mystery. What lives beneath its skin of shadows? What awaits fearless explorers? Only you can discover what truly occupies Spoopy Manor. Just beware, for underneath the rotting floorboards comes a haunting sound from another world...

* Spoopy Manor will open on October 23rd for spooptastic adventuring. Look for loot, battles, and more.

* Ezna the Witch is hiding out atop her Undertower, awaiting any intruders who dare disturb her.

* Purchase the exclusive [Pumpkin] tag from the PowerShop for limited time! 150 Credits.

* The Spoopy Chest is unlocked for anyone looking for some creepy gear! Open it for an extra surprise!

* Double Credits Weekend runs from October 21-23. All hugs, slaps, etc. will give 2x the credits.

Be careful out there! Happy October!