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The harvest is rolling in!

By Alphexon a - Posted Nov 20, 16

It's been an eventful year, and we're not finished yet! November is full of exciting updates and new features.

The biggest highlight is our new spawn hub, built with our new theme for 2017 - video gaming. Our Architects have been working hard for months to make it happen, and their efforts have made it a glorious sight to beheld. We're so happy to finally reveal this masterpiece to the whole community. You can check it out today by typing /spawn whenever you're on. There's plenty to explore!


* New Spawn Hub. 

* "Skygems" has been renamed to "Cupcakes". Thanks to the community for helping us pick out the name!

* The Harvest Chest is now open through November 27! Find your free feast.

* The Turkey tag is available for a limited time in the PowerShop.

* We've added 6 new tags! Mage, Nighthunter, Diamond, Emerald, Redstone, and Purrrrfect.

* SilkSpawners is now available for VIP and Elite-VIP. You can break spawners with a Silk Touch enchantment to move them elsewhere, or purchase a spawner in the new Spawner Shop with cupcakes! /warp spawners

Horses now teleport with you. No need to go on lengthy journeys to bring them home!

* Player Warps will be removed December 1st, but all homes have been increased. Guests and Members now have 3 homes, VIPs have 15, and Elite-VIPs have 50!

Thanks to everyone for their patience! There's more in store. Stay tuned.