Monetary gifts go toward server running costs.


Every Friday this month we have new features, special events and more! 

* 9 new holiday-themed tags! Get them while they last. /shop
* The Mob/XP farm is now open at /warp farm
* We now have a free Enchanting Room. /warp enchant
* Hugging power has been increased! All hugs now give 15 credits.
* The PowerShop has been revamped into the ServerStore, with three departments - Powers, Tags, and Spawners.
* The Spawner Store is now a virtual menu! Check it out in the ServerStore.
* SilkSpawners has been extended to all players. Now anyone can break a spawner with Silk Touch.
* Maximum VIP land claims has been increased to 256.
* VIPs can now claim 4 Creative plots, and Elite-VIPs can claim 10 Creative plots.
* The Player Warp plugin has been removed.

More holiday fun is coming your way! Be on the look out for an event announcement.