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Start a shopping spree!

By Alphexon a - Posted Feb 1, 17

Introducing the Amity Shopping District

Ever wanted to open your own store? Now you can! Anyone can claim a shop plot and start selling items to the masses. Our new Shopping District works similarly to our Creative World. Simply stand on a plot, type /plot claim, and you're in business! All plots are spacious and only cost 1,000 cupcakes to buy. If you're unhappy with your plot, you can sell it for half its value. To setup your shop to sell, simply hit a chest (left-clicking) with the item you wish to sell, then type in the price once prompted. It's never been easier! To access the new Shopping District, just type /warp shops

Shoppers - if you're looking for even more to spend on - we've got you covered. The Cupcake Shop is open if you're looking for an unlimited supply of items and blocks at a premium. Type /warp cupcakes to get there. If you're an Elite-VIP, Legendary Keys are purchasable with credits. They open the Legendary Chest, which contains items with custom enchantments. You can buy them in the Credit Store, via /shop

Get your virtual wallets out! There's plenty of new ways to spend your delicious cupcakes.