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The Urban Expansion project going on in Amity City, with new buildings and skyscrapers sprouting up throughout. Our Architects and Guardians have been hard at work to build tomorrow, but now we need YOUR help! We will be holding the City Builders Contest, and the grand prize winner will have their build featured in the city. The contest will have a specific category. We won't tell you what it is until it begins! Each contestant will have creative mode, their own plot, and an equal opportunity to earn prizes. Whether you're a winner or just participating, you will receive 30 credits!

When: March 24-March 26
Where: Amity Building Contest Area


1st Place

Build featured in Amity City, 5000 Cupcakes, Exclusive [Builder] tag

2nd Place

2500 Cupcakes, Exclusive [Builder] tag

3rd Place

500 Cupcakes

Get your hard hats ready!