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October is finally here.

By Alphexon a - Posted Oct 6, 17

AmyBot might have let it slip that our biggest update ever was coming in October. The truth is... it's to big, we're splitting it up in four more! One for every week in October. Every Friday, catch new features, special events, and more. We're so excited to kick off fall (and the holidays!) with a whole new Amity. With a fresh coat of paint, we're entering our second year of existence. Thrilling, eh?

  • GriefPrevention. With Landlord, you were stuck claiming every single individual chunk by hand. Now you can get our your trusty Claiming Staff via /kit claim, select two corners by right-clicking, and bam. You've got yourself your own plot of land! This is really helpful for large projects or even towns. You will need to reclaim your land, which is highly suggested. Don't get griefed!
  • Jobs are back. Again. Due to popular demand, you can once again rake in the dough by farming sugar cane, slaying fiendish monsters, and mining into the depths.
  • Slimefun... what's that? So, maybe it's not technically a blast from the past. Think of it as a modpack without downloading mods. Slimefun adds all kinds of new items and machines to enhance your survival experience. To get started, type /sf guide

With three game-changing plugins, we hope you'll stick around to see what sort of surprises await!

See you next Friday.