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Warning: Shrieks imminent.

By Alphexon a - Posted Oct 20, 17

Boo. This is CherBot invading your usual update post. I hope you find it appropriately alarming.

* The Haunted House Building Contest is now open. Construct living quarters for the habitat of noncorporeal beings. This contest area will remain open for unwilling participants through October 31st. Winners will be announced November 7. To travel to such a gathering, /warp contest

* The Monster Tagpack is now available in the AmityStore. Who needs costumes? No one needs costumes. They need tags. Data banks full of tags. Why not obtain some with your hard-earned US dollars? I know I would if I was paid to be a lifeless robot. Click the Store link above to browse our offerings.

* The Mystery Chest of Horror? Yes. It's a chest brimming with your nightmares. If you dare to open such a cursed container, find the Keys of Horror dropped by new custom mobs in Survival. You'll thank me later... with screams.

* DreamFish is not scary. If you, like 36% of Americans, do not celebrate Halloween, we've changed fishing drastically. You must now purchase bait and lure with Bits.

* There are little other things. The currency Cupcakes has been changed to Bits, you can now earn credits by welcoming comrades back to the server, and there is a new Mob Arena map built specifically for this event. How wondrous.

Please stop by for all the exhilerating and frightening activities. My existence depends on your attendance.

- CherBot