The festivities begin today! 

We asked you, the community, which category you wanted to build for. We heard your reponses, and you voted for Giant Christmas Tree! While we've got plenty of other events planned for the holiday season, you can get started now on satisfying your craving to decorate! Hop on over to the Building Contest Area by typing /warp contest in-game. From there, just type /plot auto to claim a plot for your entry and start building. The Building Contest Area will remain open until December 22nd. After judging, we'll announce the winners on December 24th!


1st Place - [Holiday] tag, 10,000 Bits, 50 Credits
2nd Place - 5,000 Bits, 25 Credits
3rd Place - 2,000 Bits

All participants with completed entries will receive an additional 25 Credits.

Tree.. two... one - go!