Lucky you!

Alphexon a posted Mar 7, 18

Our very first St. Patrick's Day event is almost here, and we hope it's more than fun a pot o' gold. It'll be a night of surprises, community, and enjoyment! It's all happening on our Discord and Minecraft servers.

  • It Ain't Easy Wearing Green contest! Show us your Minecraft skin in-game wearing green, and we'll reward you with 30 Credits. Send us a picture of your IRL self wearing green, and you'll receive another 30 Credits! All participants who do either will receive the exclusive [GameNight] tag.
  • Minigames on Amity. What's a Game Night without games? We've got special ones coming your way for this event!
  • Team Member Q/A with a special look at upcoming updates, including Creative³ and Survival². We'll be taking questions from the community.
  • YuukiBot's Prom Night. *sigh* Don't ask.

Minigames begin at 7PM CST.
Team Member Q/A begins at 8:30PM CST.

Discord Link:

It's the time of year that romance hits the air, but love should be part of every day. Our goal at Amity is to spread as much as love possible to as many people as we can. For the next week, special Valentines-themed tags will be available in the /store and Emotes will give 2x the Credits! Share the love!

Auctions are back! Sell your goods or not-so-priceless possessions. Type /ca to get started selling or bidding! You must be in a Survival World in order to bid or sell.

Can you tree-lieve it?

Alphexon a posted Dec 24, 17

'Tis the season!

The Holiday Building Contest had so many wonderful entries to warm the heart, but only three could be winners. Everyone who submitted a completed entry received a gift of 25 Credits as a thank you for participating. The prizes for the winners have been distributed. It was a blast. We hope to do it again next year!

And the best tree builders are...

1st Place - Camo0101

2nd Place - FoxMyself

3rd Place - ladykaybrooke

Have a merry Christmas, everyone!

The festivities begin today! 

We asked you, the community, which category you wanted to build for. We heard your reponses, and you voted for Giant Christmas Tree! While we've got plenty of other events planned for the holiday season, you can get started now on satisfying your craving to decorate! Hop on over to the Building Contest Area by typing /warp contest in-game. From there, just type /plot auto to claim a plot for your entry and start building. The Building Contest Area will remain open until December 22nd. After judging, we'll announce the winners on December 24th!


1st Place - [Holiday] tag, 10,000 Bits, 50 Credits
2nd Place - 5,000 Bits, 25 Credits
3rd Place - 2,000 Bits

All participants with completed entries will receive an additional 25 Credits.

Tree.. two... one - go!