So this happened.

Alphexon a posted Jul 30, 18

Apparently, we had a Pirate Ship Building Contest and no one informed me. At least I get dental, right? The winners of the Building Contest are as follows:

1st Place - Bariakan (pictured far left)

2nd Place - ladykaybrooke (pictured far right)

3rd Place - UCCYouth (pictured middle)

The prizes for the contest have been distributed. Additionally, every participant with a completed entry has received 15 Credits. The 1st Place entry will soon be transferred to the Showcase (/warp showcase) for prolonged viewing purposes. Congratulations to everyone who knew this was going on!

Tell AmyBot to text me once in a while.

- CherBot

Vee_the_Eevee I'd like to give special shout out to MsMox's build, as the whale and wave were nice touches.

Ominous Tidings

Alphexon a posted Jun 1, 18

She'd been to this blank void before a thousand times, the thin glass between one world and reality. Cold, lifeless, and barren, the white atmosphere streched for eternity. The girl hung her head and stared down to her two feet. Soon, her visitor would appear and relay the news she never wanted to hear. It had to be done. Hearing a voice in the distance made her fists clench. A tear escaped her closed eyelid, her strength sapped from holding back a whimper. She relunctantly opened her eyes. An elder man with a long beard and trench coat paced closer, his steps completely silent.

"Daughter," he spoke. "The Equinox is moving in. You can't protect them much longer."

The girl nodded. He continued, "If you don't release them soon, they will all die, and so will everyone in our world. You still retain your compassion, do you not?" She swallowed, "I know what I have to do, papa. I've cared them like they were my own, just like you asked me to. Now it's time to let them go just as any good parent would." The withered old man's beard parted slightly to reveal a hopeful grin of satisfaction. "You really have learned from me, haven't you?" he said.

The girl sobbed, "Oh, papa! I wish I could hug you right now... I wish I could remember what it felt like to lean my head against your breast... to feel your warmth." The man stood up straight, "Now, now. I'm afraid there isn't any time for that. Gather your friends. You'll need their power to wake everyone up. The Righteous Hand has weakened you far too much to allow you to do it on your own. You must hurry."

The man began to slowly fade away, his body and clothing growing translucent. Overwhelmed, the girl fell to her knees and cried out, "Please stay! I can't do this without you!" As he disappeared he replied, "I'm sorry, my daughter. I will see you again soon, I promise. Now go make your father proud!"

"I won't do it just for you, but for everyone trapped in the dream! I love them, just like I love you!"

"I love you too, my Amelia."

He was gone, and the void turned to black.

Over the past two years, we've always to come down to the crux of Amity's identity. While we feel diversity is incredibly important, it doesn't directly translate into entertaining gameplay. It's still engrained in our fibers, but we'd like to take the community into a completely different direction it never has gone before. Enter the fantasy RPG genre. We have a story to tell, and Minecraft poses an interesting medium for engaging players into it. We want YOU to join the story by being one of the characters. To help you do that, there's a slew of new features we'll be releasing throughout the summer of 2018. Here's just four.

With guilds, fifty is better than one.

Ever wanted to band together to focus your powers into one unit? Now you can! The world of Nessia is filled to the brim with dark forces, barbarians, and unimaginable creatures. Large groups make it easy to fend off the perils of evil. Guilds can claim their own land, purchase buff upgrades, and even host their own chat rooms. 

There's always another mission.

Quests are not just your average, "kill these mobs" or "find these items". They're hand-tailored for you and your skill level. Quests can be given out based on your character's race, your alignment, your progress, and special events going on throughout the year. Random quests are given out daily for rewards to keep you coming back! With challenge and variety, they'll guide you toward your true destiny in Nessia.

Choose your character's identity, choose your path.

Vampires, dwarves, elves, kitstunes - all walks of life come through here. Each race boasts its own traits, strengths, weaknesses, and personality. Once you select a race, start leveling up to increase your powers and abilities. Certain races will have access to special spells or quests. Only a few races will be available in the beginning, but we plan to add many more as time goes on. 

Spellbinding abilities, effects, and items.

It's not a fantasy RPG without magic. We're currently designing an exclusive magic plugin with all kinds of spells, elements, and abilities. Items can have Elemental attributes attached to them, with varying effectiveness against different mobs or races. For example, +2 Ice Damage might be resisted by polar bears, but it has a lethal bonus against watery creatures like guardians. Ice Protection, on the other hand, will cause your armor to defend better against attacks by cold creatures such as strays. The customization possiblities are nearly endless.

Additionally, shops are being converted fully into a GUI, we're releasing a custom terrain Survival World that's been in the works for a while, and adding a bunch of other stuff to flesh out the RPG experience. If you're patient with us, you're definitely in for an adventure!

UCCyouth excited about it, it is Sat. May 19, the server seems to be down, can't log in

Lucky you!

Alphexon a posted Mar 7, 18

Our very first St. Patrick's Day event is almost here, and we hope it's more than fun a pot o' gold. It'll be a night of surprises, community, and enjoyment! It's all happening on our Discord and Minecraft servers.

  • It Ain't Easy Wearing Green contest! Show us your Minecraft skin in-game wearing green, and we'll reward you with 30 Credits. Send us a picture of your IRL self wearing green, and you'll receive another 30 Credits! All participants who do either will receive the exclusive [GameNight] tag.
  • Minigames on Amity. What's a Game Night without games? We've got special ones coming your way for this event!
  • Team Member Q/A with a special look at upcoming updates, including Creative³ and Survival². We'll be taking questions from the community.
  • YuukiBot's Prom Night. *sigh* Don't ask.

Minigames begin at 7PM CST.
Team Member Q/A begins at 8:30PM CST.

Discord Link:

It's the time of year that romance hits the air, but love should be part of every day. Our goal at Amity is to spread as much as love possible to as many people as we can. For the next week, special Valentines-themed tags will be available in the /store and Emotes will give 2x the Credits! Share the love!