Do you want to build a Christmas tree?

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Alphexon @ Amity Nation
posted Dec 8, 17

The festivities begin today! 

We asked you, the community, which category you wanted to build for. We heard your reponses, and you voted for Giant Christmas Tree! While we've got plenty of other events planned for the holiday season, you can get started now on satisfying your craving to decorate! Hop on over to the Building Contest Area by typing /warp contest in-game. From there, just type /plot auto to claim a plot for your entry and start building. The Building Contest Area will remain open until December 22nd. After judging, we'll announce the winners on December 24th!


1st Place - [Holiday] tag, 10,000 Bits, 50 Credits
2nd Place - 5,000 Bits, 25 Credits
3rd Place - 2,000 Bits

All participants with completed entries will receive an additional 25 Credits.

Tree.. two... one - go!

We ate all the candy, but...

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Alphexon @ Amity Nation
posted Nov 7, 17

... the results are in!

Congratulations to the winners of the Haunted House Building contest! Our judges have selected the cream of the crop. These mansions are the spoopiest of them all.

1st Place - SushiBrittain
2nd Place - ladykaybrooke
3rd Place - CuriousUnicorn

Additionally, everyone who participated with a completed entry will receive 25 credits. Now onto other holidays!

Warning: Shrieks imminent.

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Alphexon @ Amity Nation
posted Oct 20, 17

Boo. This is CherBot invading your usual update post. I hope you find it appropriately alarming.

* The Haunted House Building Contest is now open. Construct living quarters for the habitat of noncorporeal beings. This contest area will remain open for unwilling participants through October 31st. Winners will be announced November 7. To travel to such a gathering, /warp contest

* The Monster Tagpack is now available in the AmityStore. Who needs costumes? No one needs costumes. They need tags. Data banks full of tags. Why not obtain some with your hard-earned US dollars? I know I would if I was paid to be a lifeless robot. Click the Store link above to browse our offerings.

* The Mystery Chest of Horror? Yes. It's a chest brimming with your nightmares. If you dare to open such a cursed container, find the Keys of Horror dropped by new custom mobs in Survival. You'll thank me later... with screams.

* DreamFish is not scary. If you, like 36% of Americans, do not celebrate Halloween, we've changed fishing drastically. You must now purchase bait and lure with Bits.

* There are little other things. The currency Cupcakes has been changed to Bits, you can now earn credits by welcoming comrades back to the server, and there is a new Mob Arena map built specifically for this event. How wondrous.

Please stop by for all the exhilerating and frightening activities. My existence depends on your attendance.

- CherBot

Flappy_Bob when does the building contest end?

October is finally here.

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Alphexon @ Amity Nation
posted Oct 6, 17

AmyBot might have let it slip that our biggest update ever was coming in October. The truth is... it's to big, we're splitting it up in four more! One for every week in October. Every Friday, catch new features, special events, and more. We're so excited to kick off fall (and the holidays!) with a whole new Amity. With a fresh coat of paint, we're entering our second year of existence. Thrilling, eh?

  • GriefPrevention. With Landlord, you were stuck claiming every single individual chunk by hand. Now you can get our your trusty Claiming Staff via /kit claim, select two corners by right-clicking, and bam. You've got yourself your own plot of land! This is really helpful for large projects or even towns. You will need to reclaim your land, which is highly suggested. Don't get griefed!
  • Jobs are back. Again. Due to popular demand, you can once again rake in the dough by farming sugar cane, slaying fiendish monsters, and mining into the depths.
  • Slimefun... what's that? So, maybe it's not technically a blast from the past. Think of it as a modpack without downloading mods. Slimefun adds all kinds of new items and machines to enhance your survival experience. To get started, type /sf guide

With three game-changing plugins, we hope you'll stick around to see what sort of surprises await!

See you next Friday.

Blast off to distant stars!

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Alphexon @ Amity Nation
posted Sep 24, 17

Hello. It's been a while, hasn't it? We've got an exciting smaller update to go with an even more exciting bigger update in October.

  • Low Gravity Parkour. Jump higher than normal as you navigate the planets. /warp parkour
  • The AmityStore is now open! Purchase cosmetic upgrades to use throughout the server. All proceeds go to keeping us running! Click the Store link at the top of the page.
  • NEW - Tagpacks. Everyone loves tags right? Get yourself a whopping 16 with various tiers and colors in one of our all new Tagpacks! Our first pack, the Galaxy pack, includes our first ever Epic tier tag. Epic tags will not only give you a sweet prefix, but also custom messages, sounds, and particle effects when you do things like join, leave, or die on the server. It's only available through the AmityStore!
  • The Galaxy Chest is available for a limited time. If you'd rather spend with in-game resources, you can now craft galaxy keys for a limited time. The chest includes exclusive heads, an collectible tag, and custom enchanted gear.
  • Skyblock is in public beta. If you've ever wanted to own your own private island in the sky, now you can! We are testing Skyblock. It's still in the early stages, so expect bugs and improvements as we go along. Give it a try and tell us what you think!

October is coming. Be very afraid.

Flappy_Bob october is tomorrow